Our Mission & Vision

Jesus Legacy finds its roots in Matthew 28:18-20, the wellknown verses about the great commission. In studying the verses and contemplating on them for a long time, God revealed to us 2 components. The first one being the inheritance we receive in Jesus Christ (v18). When Christ lives in us, when we have received the Holy Spirit, this indeed is our inheritance. Following this verse however, the Lord compels us now to run with it and to pass it on to others and as we do, He promises to be with us to the end of the age, which translates in "from generation to generation until His second coming". 

Over the years and visiting various Churches, Cyril discovered that many indeed are living in their inheritance, but not enough Christians are concerned about the Legacy that must be passed on from individual to individual, from individual to congregation and from congregation to generation. 

This revelation marked the birth of Jesus Legacy. A ministry of a family that aspires on a daily basis to live with Jesus, to live like Jesus and to pass on the legacy, that all who meet them, or in any way hear their message, may run the good race and see the legacy of the King of kings manifest in their life and the eternal life to come as they fight the good fight in victory and receive the Crown of life. 

Our Mission

We travel through the nations in the name of our Lord Jesus. Our focus is mainly yet not exclusively the European & African continents. 

We are apostolic in our approach and feel called to work hard for unity,

cross-denominational, cross-cultural and cross-generational, in diversity

With a full program of worship & praises, prayers, healing & deliverance, teaching, evangelism & prophecies we come to ignite the Churches

We bring the spark to the fuel in Churches and your ministries.
The time for restoration and revival is here and now.

for the Church :

It is our deepest desire to see healthy Churches operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and impacting their local communities and cities with the love & power of Jesus. As a revival ministry we usher in the Holy Spirit with worship, praises and prayer, as we lift up the Name of the Lord we minister to the Lord with great expectation that the Lord in His time will answer us by fire and great signs and wonders that confirm His Word to the Churches across Europe and the rest of the world.

for the Saints :

All the workers in the Kingdom of God, from Church leaders to ushers, from pastors to worship teams need to be equipped for Kingdom work, to carry out the Legacy of our Lord Jesus. We equip them with the Word, training specific to the various ministries, impartion and above all we desire to bring fire prayers and praises back in the Churches. This starts with the leaders and workers in the Church becoming burning altars of prayer and worship

for the Youth :

Our Mission is to reach out to the uttermost parts of the earth to introduce God through Jesus and a personal relationship with Him to the youth in this world.
A youth that has witnessed that what the Church has been doing for a long time, has not worked.

A youth that struggles with their identity.

A youth that seeks ways to express themselves
A youth that is searching for answers that will bring security for their future. Answers that bring Healing, Joy and fulfillment in their lives.
A youth that is called God's Chosen Generation
A youth that wants to return back to God and His values.
A youth that wants to receive God's promises
A youth that wants to know Jesus personally as a Leader to take them to their promised land.


5 steps 


1. We EMBRACE the people  with the love of God. Creating a safe environment as family. A place to share, to cry, to hope, to make mistakes, to grow. Helping them to feel loved by the Father, helping to surrender to His love, helping them to discover their true identity and define their purpose in life.

2. We EQUIP the people by teaching them the basic truths of the Gospel, what it means to be a new creation in Christ, teaching them about the Holy Spirit, the gifts & fruits and revealing His power. We help them understand God's greater plan and their role it as individuals, communities, Churches, organizations, cities and nations.

3. We EMPOWER the people through prayers, impartation by laying on of hands, prophetic words and revealing the power that is in them. All this happens as we are  being led by the Holy Spirit. The empowerment is the preparation towards the engagement to become an instrument for revival, an arrow in the hand of God to be used for His glory.

4. We ENGAGE the people in the great commission, encouraging them to boldly take up their ministry for the Lord by reaching out in their sphere of influence and beyond.

5, We witness how new leaders  EMERGE as the Lord Himself launches them into their missionfield. We continuously celebrate the victories and bring hope during losses , through follow up, encouragement, prayers and coaching as they continue to carry out JESUS' LEGACY to the ends of the earth.

We help you to turn your inheritance in Christ into a Legacy that will transform nations from generation to generation.

Cyril & Olivia Melotte
Founders JESUS Legacy ministries



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