A Jesus Family

Cyril, Olivia & Joshua


Cyril Melotte was born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1974.
He became radically born again on January 18, 2013 through a personal encounter with Jesus while he was all alone, in the very night that he had decided to take his own life after numerous personal disappointments and realizing that he had made a complete mess of his life.

After this personal encounter, Cyril was left with 1 question;
"Why did nobody ever tell me about Jesus...?"

Through this Question, Cyril found his calling:
Cyril has a strong apostolic call on his life and he is the pioneer and visionary for multiple Kingdom & Gospel projects.

As a missionary, Cyril planted the 1st branch for RCCG in Bratislava Slovakia, a multi-cultural Church in the heart of Europe, which he and his wife have been overseeing as pastors couple from the time of planting the Church in 2014 until it was handed over late 2018, as they were called to serve elsewhere by the mission that Cyril served since he got born again.

Cyril is also the visionary for a pioneering project in Europe to bring the local Churches together with the migrant Churches in Europe at a gathering called Europe Arise. The purpose is to bring the strengths of the various cultures together to form an even stronger Kingdom Culture. One of unity in diversity.

Cyril desires to  travel as much as possible together with his family as he strongly believe that family is the first ministry and represents the Church at its best. Wherever they go, their desire is to pass on Jesus’ legacy.

Olivia was born in Accra, Ghana in 1981.

Olivia grew up in difficult circumstances but always encouraged by her grandmom and mother and aunty, who raised her up with the values of a Christian lifestyle within the African culture. Through this upbringing she became a devoted worshipper and prayer warrior that knows to fight every battle in the spirit to see victories in the physical life. 

As  young adolescent however, Olivia went to taste of the things of life as an innocent girl, yet unexpectedly she became pregnant, with rejection and hardship as consequences. Trying to take care of herself and her boy in the worldly ways, things went from bad to worse, until she finally came back to Jesus and surrendered all. 

The couple got connected on Social Media in 2010, years before Cyril's conversion, while Olivia was a committed member of her Church in Accra. From 2012 - 2015, the couple got completely disconnected. In this period, Cyril became born again in 2013 & raised up in his first steps as a Christian, through an African Pastor's family in Bruges, Belgium. later that same year, Cyril was sent to a School of Missions and was sent out less than one year after his conversion, to plant a Church in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

In 2015 while reading a devotion, the Lord told Cyril to connect again with the young lady in Africa. The miracle unfolds as the couple reconnected and met for the first time physically in Nigeria in August 2015. Later that same year, they married in Accra, Ghana and Olivia followed her husband into the mission field of Slovakia even before 2015 came to an end. Ever since, the ministry & the Church in Slovakia has been growing.

In November of 2016, the child that was prophesied over the couple before they even had marital plans, a most beautiful son, Joshua Redeemed - a prophet to the nations -  was born into the Melotte family.  

The beauty, the hope the love and joy that this "mixed" child brought into the family, the mission and their ministry, helped them to understand a deeper side of their higher calling, which is to lead the Body of Christ in breaking down cultural barriers between nations, tribes and peoples, to see the entire Body of Christ rise up as one, as it is written the book of Revelation 7:9 , and in this, seeing heaven come to earth.

The entire family  has been consecrated unto the Lord to do  the work of the ministry. 

Cyril & Olivia have committed themselves to raise up both their own children, as well as all their spiritual children, to become a people that are  knowing the will of the Father, loving the will of the Father, doing the will of the Father and walking in the will of the Father. 

In doing so, it is their desire to be a blessing to their family & friends, the global Body of Christ, the local Churches and all other places & people groups where the Lord leads them.

It is their personal prayer that in their wake they will leave a legacy of love, a legacy of hope, a legacy of joy, and that the places they pass may become those the people of God all dwell in unity and where God Himself will command the blessing - life forevermore.


JESUS Legacy.